How to Tackle “Big Crew Change.” One Industry’s Story.

“It takes 3 to 8 years for a company to turn a new employee into a petroleum professional.” So says Ford Brett, CEO of PetroSkills, a competency-based training company for the exploration and production (E&P) industry. At Avilar, we make a point to monitor learning and competency industry reports, analysis, trends, and tools. Every day,… Read More

Competency Models: Choosing the Right Type for My Organization

There are several different types of competency models. How do you know what kind is right for you? Understanding what each competency model does and which model best aligns with your company’s goals can help you decide which competency model(s) to implement within your organization. Read More

Creating a Competency Framework in 5 Easy Steps

Better management, employee retention, a more efficient workforce and even improvement on your company’s bottom line—what’s not to like? These are just a few benefits companies achieve when they implement a competency framework. When leadership and HR understand what’s needed for each job, they can identify skills gaps, streamline the recruitment process and establish  improved… Read More