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At Avilar, we work with all kinds of people and organizations – entrepreneurs, hospitals, banks, nonprofits, government and military agencies. While their needs are diverse and our products and services are tailored for each one, our focus is the same across the board. We help leaders understand how to maximize what we call “talent” – the knowledge, skills and discipline demonstrated by the people in their workforce – so they can get results.

Many of our most satisfying business relationships are with  small and mid-sized growing businesses – often called SMBs. Here are the top three reasons why:

  1. Everyone’s close to the customer.  Each employee can connect to the mission and can feel a direct responsibility for the success of the company.
  2. Time, money and energy are critical resources and there’s little room for any waste.
  3. Each person matters.  Employees typically need a wide range of skills on the job, and even small improvements in individual skill and performance can make a large impact on revenue.

So that’s why we decided to start a blog focused on the talent needs of the SMB, hence Big Talent, Small Business. We’ve been in the industry for over 15 years and have lots of ideas and experience to share. But we certainly don’t have all the answers. We’d love to hear from you, the small business professional, so please, feel free to comment on  any post. Let’s make this an ongoing conversation! What are the top 3 reasons you like working in a small business?

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