4 Simple Steps That Boost Workforce Performance

High performing organizations understand that success depends on the knowledge and skills of their employees. They also realize that formal education doesn’t entirely prepare employees with the appropriate skills needed to perform optimally within their specific industry or organization. Hence the reason training is so important. However, many organizations find it challenging to move from… Read More

Performance Management vs. Performance Appraisal: What’s The Difference?

The difference between performance management and appraisal is subtle, but distinct. Find out why distinguishing between the two and mastering each is critical to your organization’s success. Read More

5 Key Features of a Competency-Based Assessment

Most jobs require some amount of prior knowledge or specific skills to carry out tasks effectively. In order to cultivate the most organized and efficient workforce possible, it’s important to track and measure your staff’s competencies and find out what skills they lack and to what degree. For many organizations, the term “assessment” carries a… Read More

7 Keys to Competency-Based Performance Management

For high-performing organizations, a competency-based performance management system is an essential part of an overall competency management plan. With a competency-based performance management system in place, you can better motivate staff, align training with company goals, clearly define roles and the skills needed to perform each job well, as well as optimize the hiring process.… Read More

The Ultimate Competency Development Plan

  7 Steps to Unlocking Organizational Effectiveness Savvy leaders know that talent management is an integral component of an organization’s success. According to Bersin and Associates’ 2007 High Impact Talent Management report, talent management is “a set of organizational processes designed to attract, manage, develop, motivate and retain key people to create a highly responsive,… Read More

Role of the Month: Supervisor

As the Competency Company, we’ve worked with dozens of organizations to identify the knowledge, skills and abilities that lead to success in hundreds of roles.  In this series we’ll focus on a new role that’s critical to small and mid-sized businesses everywhere.  This month:  the supervisor. There probably isn’t any job in your organization more… Read More