Engaging a Cross-Generational Workforce Through Continued Learning

Having a diverse workforce with employees of varying age range is exceedingly beneficial with employees bringing to the table both the wisdom of older generations and the fresh, innovative ideas of newer generations. However, when it comes to continued learning for a cross-generational workforce, one thing to keep in mind is that different generations have different learning preferences. Read More

Why Good Managers Really Do Make a Difference

Top companies know that investing in great management is essential for a thriving business. Management can make a huge impact on your business as a whole and certain manager traits can dictate whether or not staff are motivated, morale is high, and teams are effectively working toward goals. Read More

Not-So-Common LMS Features that Clients Find Indispensable

For organizations considering implementing a learning management system (LMS) for training and continued education of employees, it’s imperative that the LMS be user friendly and include the features needed for a comprehensive learning experience, yet be flexible and customizable enough to meet your company’s specific needs. Whether it’s improving usability and performance, exploring new feature… Read More